How Jamboard Interactive Learning is Redefining 21st Century Education

Online Class

To help students thrive in this modern world, technology-enabled tools such as the Jamboard Interactive Learning are not only redefining education but also transforming the way students and teachers interact with each other. 

Today, learning is not only confined within the four corners of the classroom. With the help of various interactive tools like the Jamboard app, long-distance learning has never been this engaging and fun. 

Here are some of the ways how students and teachers all around the globe are benefiting from this innovative tool:

Jamboard for Classroom and Online Classes

First, Jamboard works as a digital whiteboard replacing the traditional whiteboard used during physical classes. With its 55 inches, 4K Ultra High-Definition display, this tool provides a mind-blowing interactive display bringing life to every image, illustration, and video about the subject matter.

Jamboard is one of the best hardware investments in any educational institution to encourage students to participate and find their voice inside the classroom more conveniently.  The giant digital whiteboard has a full HD webcam, 16 simultaneous touchpoints, a shape and handwriting recognition tool, and an optional rolling stand for easy maneuvering between classrooms. 

When it comes to online classes, jamboard is also available as a digital app. Students can access the app with their phones, tablets, and other devices.

With the distance learning setup becoming more popular and widely used in various learning institutions, this digital tool provides a better platform for engaging interactive learning between students and teachers.

Encourages Learning in a Safe Space

Finding their voice and being heard in the classroom can be challenging for some students. Encouragement from teachers sometimes is not enough. But with the help of the jamboard app, students can actively participate, ask questions, and comment on the lessons through their devices without physically going to the board. 

Through this kind of digital learning, students can finally find their voice and be themselves in a safe environment. 

Jamboard Interactive Learning Empowers Teachers 

In this modern world full of distractions, getting students’ attention inside a classroom or during online classes can be very challenging for teachers. Thus, teachers must find ways to make them more engaging and creative. 

With the tool’s interactive learning features, teachers can create highly engaging content and fun activities that are impossible with the traditional teaching method.

Before and during classes, teachers can incorporate illustrations or videos to make their lessons more stimulating and creative. 

Lesson plans and other files can also be uploaded and accessed on google drive for later use.

Without a doubt, advancements in technology have brought about many positive impacts in 21st-century education particularly with interactive and distance learning. 

Lastly, the benefits and advantages of this tool take interactive learning to a whole new level.

How Does a Jamboard App Work on an iPad?

For those who are not familiar with the Jamboard app, it is important to know what it is first and what is in it for them before they pay attention to it. When you know and understand exactly what a device is all about and what a world of difference it can make to your business, your natural reaction would be to be all eyes and ears to it. So, what is Jamboard all about? And what are all these fuzz about it? 

mobile application

Jamboard Google is a qualified digital whiteboard that allows multiple users to interact with it and with each other in real-time. It is an indispensable tool to have. Originally designed to help business organizations in enhancing the conduct of their meetings and presentations by providing them an efficient platform for collaboration and virtual exchange of ideas. 

To better illustrate what Jamboard interactive whiteboard can do and deliver, let us cite a good example here. If your work demands that you carry out your delegated function remotely, and you have the Jamboard app or Chrome browser, in that case, you should be able to sign in to your Google account and thus use it instantly for free.  

Everyone can join in on a Jam session and collaborate, anytime and anywhere. For business organizations and educational institutions that utilize Jamboard hardware, they can use their iPad or iPhone in joining or opening up a Jam with a board that is nearby.  

Use Your iPad or iPhone to Share with a Whiteboard 

You can make your iPhone or iPad work like an extension for a Zoom meeting. It allows for screen recording and real-time annotation if there is an online class going on. With Zoom, you can wirelessly share both PC (personal computer) and Mac with the help of iOS Screen Mirroring. Alternatively, you can attach your Mac computer to your iOS device with a cable to share. Or you can opt to share an entire iOS device screen with the use of the Screen Sharing feature of iOS 11 or later versions.  


Technical requirements for Screen Mirroring 

  • Zoom client for Windows 3.5.27094.0918 or later or Mac computer
  • The iOS device and the computer should be on the same network.
  • Install the iPhone/iPad* sharing plug-in. 
  • iPhone 4 or the later versions; iPad and iPad mini, you can go for 4th generation or later releases. 
  • Computer and network firewalls should allow for Airplay access. 

If this is your first time to share your iOS device with the help of Airplay, you would be initially prompted to download it.  

There are a handful of types of videos that you won’t be able to share even if you are using the Screen Mirroring technique. 

  1. In Zoom, under the Client Meeting, you can click on Share Screen. 
  2. Select iPad/iPhone

Optional: Sharing your phone audio into your meeting can be done by checking Share computer sound. 

  1. Click on Share.  
  2. When prompted, install the plug-in. 
  3. On iPad, access the control center by swiping down from the upper corner, then tap on Screen Mirroring.  
  4. You should now see the Zoom-your computer option, select it. 
  5. Your iPhone/iPad screen should be cast into the meeting. If you want to revert to your iPad desktop, you can just tap anywhere on the Screen Mirroring box periphery.  
  6. If necessary, you can initiate the same meeting on your iPhone or iPad device. 

Note: If you are having a hard time connecting when trying out this method, we suggest that you take on a wired connection instead. 

How Does Water Jet Cutting Compare to Laser Cutting?

Water jet cutting or laser cutting? Almost everyone working in the metal fabrication sphere has this question in mind. But the truth is, even the expert minds in this industry find this question very challenging and thus they can never provide a definitive answer if that is what you are looking for. It is because the answer you want to hear will greatly depend on what you value the most.

Choosing between these two leading material cutting methods in the metal fabrication industry is indeed a qualified tough call. Both come with their very own array of advantages and disadvantages. To help get this issue resolved, we have come up with a breakdown of their technical and economic aspects.

Waterjet Machine Speed

If you are currently involved with a fabrication project that requires a thin mild steel gauge cutting volume, the use of laser cutting machines will get the job done right.

On the other hand, the use of a waterjet machine would be most recommended when cutting stock materials or several sheets at a time. Such a measure would significantly help in reducing costs. Waterjet technology is powerful enough to be able to cut through a thick pile of metals with great ease.


HAZ or heat-affected zone around or near the cut is one of the laser cutting method drawbacks and unfortunately it is inevitable in laser cutting technology. This is the reason why you can’t completely rely on this material cutting method since it would necessitate most of the time secondary finishing, depending upon your project’s required finish.

One good thing about the use of a waterjet cutting machine is that it takes the creation of HAZ out of the picture. Besides, water jet cutting technology is renowned for its smooth edge finish, meaning there are no jagged edges, burrs, or slags. Therefore, it is, even more, cost-effective for the overall cost of your material cutting project because it eradicates the need for secondary finishing processes.

This material cutting technology is also known not to impart heat or distort parts, so you can freely stack parts for an increased level of productivity.

Material Thickness

If your project involves cutting through very thick material, normally the most practical option for such a herculean task is to employ the use of a waterjet cutting machine. Waterjet technology can handle the best cutting through the toughest materials around including, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, composites, brass, mild steel and many more.

You can employ the use of waterjet material cutting technology in cutting through thick materials, up to about 7 inches.

At the other end of the rope, lasers are most ideal for material cutting jobs of up to about ½ inch thick. But there are also high-powered lasers that can easily manage to cut through 1 inch thick. Another drawback of laser cutting is that thicker materials tend to slow it down. This implies that using this technology, though state-of-the-art technology that it is, may require a significant amount of manufacturing times.

Project Quality

Both of these material cutting technologies are known to deliver an almost similar degree of finished product quality and precision.

However, if you will make use of a laser to cut through acrylic, it tends to flame polish the material’s edge. Similarly, the laser cutting machine tends to heat-seal as it cuts through the fabric. With this in mind, aluminum, copper and other highly reflective materials are not highly recommended for laser cutting.

What is the Bottom Line?

With all the points indicated above, we can safely declare that there is no “correct” answer. Everything will depend on the project you are working on and the many specifics that come along with it.

Most of the time waterjet technology of cutting is a far better option when the material cutting projects you’re working with involve handling varied and thick materials. If you are in dire need of an effective convenient way to handle your metal cutting concerns, waterjet technology is the best choice.

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Find Yourself a Reputable TRT Doctor

For most people, finding a qualified and reputable TRT doctor is quite intimidating, most especially when they don’t have any background experience about this. If you think you are experiencing qualified symptoms of low testosterone levels, and it badly affected the quality of your life nowadays, TRT treatment might be a practical remedy for you. 

Before anything else, what are the common symptoms of low testosterone? Here are some of the most complained about symptoms that TRT patients whine about. 

  • Sudden mood changes, from low mood to irascibleness
  • Inability to focus
  • Increased body fat
  • Lethargy or poor low stamina)
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Decreased interest in sex)
  • Difficulty in obtaining and keeping erections
  • Reduced volume of semen
  • Reduced amount of hair on the body
  • Gynecomastia or the abnormal enlargement of male breasts
  • Osteoporosis or the thinning of marrow in the bones, rendering it to become fragile.

Declining levels of hormones are inevitable, and every one of us is bound to experience this because it is a part and parcel of the natural aging process. In the medical community, a man’s sudden drop of testosterone in his system is referred to as andropause. It may not be accompanied by symptoms up until they become 40 years old.  

It is always worth finding yourself a reputable TRT doctor in Australia since they can personalize for you a protocol in managing your hormonal decline symptoms. By this measure, you are likely to experience an improved quality of life. 

But we need to recognize the fact that testosterone replacement Sydney industry has been hounded by media hysteria and social stigma. Due to this, TRT doctors are now disinclined to even talk about this subject matter to their respective male patients.  

Consider the following tips if you want to find a reliable TRT doctor in your area. 

1.  Reach out to your local compounding pharmacies. The vast majority of medications in the 19th century were due to the compounding efforts of a local pharmacist. This has something to do with the precise process of altering ingredients, mixing and combining them to come up with a custom-made medication for specific needs of a patient.  

What we have nowadays with respect to our medications is that they are being produced by the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. They are being marketed and sold through their network of corporate pharmacy outlets. You will hardly find pharmacists today that are highly adept in the compounding of medications.  

2. Make it a habit to check online forums catering to men’s health. These online health forums usually have a dedicated section on their site that is solely for men’s health past the age of 40. Usually, these sections are teeming with discussions on TRT programs. 

They have a wealth of information about testosterone and replacement program for it. This means to say that you have a good chance of finding doctors for TRT in Australia together with their contact information, service reviews and sometimes they also provide in there the cost of their professional services. 

Active Men Biking
Active Men Biking

3. Do you know what Life Extension directory is? It is an online directory but works as a search engine. This site is a trove of listings of medical professionals from around the globe who are involved in the practice of integrative medicine by virtue of dietary supplements, hormones, and sometimes even nutritional interventions. 

Finally, you can also look for nurse practitioners and naturopaths. In the United States, what they do is, in an effort to alleviate the health care system’s burden, they are not barring nurse practitioners and naturopaths from prescribing bioidentical hormones to male patients. It is a good resource for men who want to access an affordable TRT replacement program.

You may have further questions in your mind about TRT doctors and this hormone replacement program. If you are in suspicion that you may be a likely candidate for TRT replacement procedure, the best course of action you should take here is to reach out to a licensed physician of your choice for proper consultation and diagnostic procedure.

3D Printer Auckland

Want to Discover a Great Tool for Learning? 3D Printer Auckland Might be an Answer

As we often say, change is constant. But if there is another thing that is constant in this world, it would be learning. We never stop learning. Day by day, there are new things to learn, whether big or small. Amazingly, with the advent of new technology, learning has become easier and more exciting. One of the technologies that are transforming education is 3D printing.

A 3D printer in Auckland and the rest of the world is becoming instrumental in learning processes. In fact, this tool has made it possible for us to have some of the best things in life that we are enjoying at present.

Learning 3D Printing Technology
Student Learning 3D Printing Technology

3D Printing in Learning

It is very important that regardless of the stage of life that we are in, we keep learning more about what the world has to offer to us. This includes the use of 3D printing technology. In the last few years, the education sector has been consistently working on improving lesson plans to make them more technology-based and interactive for the students.

This programming goes into different educational institutions and students are highly benefiting from it, especially those who are about to enter the job market. Here are some of the best benefits that technology has to offer.

Improving Student Participation

Making sure that students are engaged can be very challenging, especially if the subject is difficult and needs their full attention. A 3D printer in Auckland has been helping educators to illustrate concepts and improve student engagement through interactive learning. With increased engagements, students can participate better thus learning takes place.

Promoting Active Learning

When there is interaction, the students would be able to grasp the subject better and retain information in their minds. This is highly beneficial when making use of physical learning objects or materials. For instance, when students are studying artifacts and fossils, they could not really hold or touch these items. But with 3D printing, they would be able to touch, hold, study, and even take-home items that are as intricate as the real ones.

Promoting Creative Thinking

With three-dimensional technology, it has become possible to test theories, try new things, and be more creative that will be helpful in the learning process. The help of a 3D printer encourages students to be more creative and innovative as they can adjust their ideas by means of trial and error process. This results in students to retain the lessons and facts better.

Turning Subjects into Careers

Studying can sometimes be very challenging for some people. This also leads them to try to avoid learning some subjects, thinking that they are weak at it. But with the help of new technology like 3D printing, schools will have a way to encourage students to study and enjoy the process of learning.  With this technology, students will have the chance to better comprehend complex ideas and test out different theories. Eventually, this will allow students to explore in their careers.

The world has become more amazing with the advent of the technologies that we have today. At this rate, we can only expect to see more great things in the future.