How Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia Can Assist in Cooling Down Our Homes?

Various managers and people of authority from various drill rig companies say that people are always flabbergasted whenever they tell them that drilling rigs for sale in Australia can be used to cool their homes during the hottest times of the year, summer. If they have a good backyard space on their property, it should be more than enough to put up a home HVAC system. 

Now, the million-dollar question here is, how does geothermal cooling work? Considering the warm, temperate climate of the country, can it really provide cooling benefits to Australian home as it claims to? 

A geothermal heat pump is a dual-purpose HVAC system. You can have it for your home heating and cooling needs. These “heat pumps”, despite their misleading name, are similarly efficient in cooling and heating your home in the summer and in the winter.

Geothermal heating uses an underground loop of pipes to distribute heat-conducting fluid to or near your home. The heat energy that is deposited right beneath the earth, is being collected by this fluid. 

You will be delighted to know that this works effectively even in the coldest winters because the temperature of the earth underneath the frost line is consistent year-round at 55 degrees. To re-circulate the heat from the furnace and return it to the pump, the heat is disseminated through your ductwork.

This brings us now to this important question: how is the same geothermal heat pump that produces heating in the winter also the same equipment that is capable of creating air conditioning in the summer?

It works in reverse: Heat transfer takes the reverse mechanism. To sum it up, here’s the explanation: Your heat pump takes heat from the air and moves it to the ground to be removed from the building.

When the earth is cooler (55 degrees), heat is extracted from the fluid and sent to the ground. The cool air that is blown into your home comes from the process of extracting heat from the circulated air, and that heat is being transferred to the ground. Once the heat has been removed, the air is brought back into your home, and this chilly air is once again warmed.

Geothermal Cooling: Does It Fare Close Enough to Our Traditional Air Conditioning Units? 

Geothermal AC trumps conventional central AC when it comes to efficiency. This geothermal heat pump eliminates heat lost in heating indoors by using its free flow of heat into the underground instead.

Even during the warmest summers, your geothermal heat pump will always be effective and efficient at cooling your property. Installing a geothermal air conditioner might help you save up to 50% on your electricity bill! Utilizing geothermal cooling is an excellent strategy to avoid costly increases in your utility expenses during the forthcoming hot summer months.

An HVAC system with a higher EER is more energy-efficient, but it also produces more energy than it takes to run it. In an HVAC system with an EER of 3.4, the energy output equals the energy input. The normal efficiency of an effective geothermal AC system is 15 to 25, while even the most commanding AC systems have an efficiency grade of 9 to 15.


A significant difference is between one-time and recurring costs: one-time costs have a one-time expense, while recurring expenses occur periodically. When it comes to conventional HVAC systems, the initial outlay is typically higher, but operation costs are usually lower. In contrast, geothermal HVAC systems usually have lower initial outlays, but higher operating expenses.

Geothermal AC will, in the end, be less expensive than traditional AC systems. Although it comes with a high up-front cost, the ongoing expenses would be extremely low. Geothermal AC delivers operational savings from the instant you receive your utility bill.

One of the nicest things about geothermal is that, over several years, you end up saving money and, in the long run, it pays for itself! We refer to this as the “payback period”. 


You can see why, if the same outcomes could be obtained with fewer bits and components, you would go for that option. Conventional HVAC units are equipped with different appliances that each perform distinct roles. Based on the season, the numerous mechanical components perform their designated functions. 

A geothermal system is composed of two parts: ground loops and a heat pump. Using this straightforward, easy, and convenient system will save you space, money, and spare you annoying headaches. Many of us only have one HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that supports our home for the entire year. 

Can we use the drilling rigs for sale in Australia to put up a geothermal HVAC system at our homes? 

Geothermal is a safe, healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, which have both environmental and health implications. You may reach out to professionals in this area to have your home evaluated. 

Can We Use a Drilling Rig for Sale in Australia for Geothermal HVAC Purposes?

It is important to know what geothermal systems and HVAC is all about, most especially if you don’t know anything about them. This article will help you understand why this form of heating system can be most beneficial for your home and how a top of the line drilling rig for sale in Australia can be used for this purpose.  

drilling rig

So, what is a geothermal HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)? It is an indoor heating and cooling system that utilizes the natural-occurring heat from underneath the earth. This natural ground heat from the earth is collected so that when it is warm enough it can heat your home indoor spaces. They can also accommodate the indoor heating requirements even of a multi-storey building. 

Geothermal HVAC is a clean, renewable technology that will run on electricity alone. Its highlighting feature is that it does not require the use of fossil fuels. Hence, it’s eco-friendly making it a far better option among other alternative indoor heating systems around.

Geothermal systems usually consist of 2 basic parts: the first one is the ground-source heat pump which takes the place of a regular furnace usually seen and used inside our homes. The second one is the ground loops, and these are the ones that are buried underground,  and there is a good chance it is being right in your backyard, too.

These two elements work in conjunction with each other, pumping ground heat right into your home during winter, thus, warming up your indoor space. When summertime comes, this can work conversely in the sense that it can suction out unwanted heat from your home’s indoor space and dump it into the ground. 

Is Geothermal Power More Accessible Now Than It was in Yesteryears? 

At one point in time, the geothermal application was only considered for use in large-scale projects. This would include massive new constructions on extensive commercial lands or major renovations. 

Geothermal systems for home use are also in existence, but it is a bit overpriced for regular homeowners to afford. With all the recent innovations about this technology, it is now more affordable and more accessible to everyone than it ever has been in the past.  

What are These Innovations That Made Geothermal More Accessible Nowadays?

Installation of Geothermal Heat Pump is Now Streamlined

Over the years, there is a substantial standardization in the production of geothermal heat pumps. Leading manufacturers for these types of industrial equipment or machinery are reusing existing infrastructure that they can still utilize. This is one approach that has laid the foundations for the streamlining of geothermal installation, eventually reducing the entailed costs.  

Sonic Drilling Rig for Installing Geothermal Ground Loops

Geothermal drilling for sale in Australia has been going through a series of transformations and developments which has set the basis for them to become even more compact and yet intensely agile in their performance. 

These drilling rigs may be smaller in terms of size, but that does not work to their disadvantage because you can squeeze them into suburban backyards. You can also apply them in driveways and lawns sans the risk of having the same kind of disturbances that are usually entailed with a traditional well drill. Sonic drilling is a drilling innovation that can be taken advantage of if you want to seamlessly slide through multiple layers of ground soil.  

Reclaimable Geothermal Loop Installation Components

Soon after the casing has been set in place, the drill “down the hole will get to perform the real work. It will drill itself right into the casing core, via multiple earth layers and bedrock alike. It will likely take a break only after reaching several hundred feet in depth. 

The good thing about it is that the water obtained from the mud that is being displaced by the drilling rig will be extracted for another round of use once again. By this measure, the installation costs are further lessened. 

Due to various innovations in the installation and operation of geothermal systems, starting from heat pumps down to ground loops, geothermal HVAC is now made more accessible to every Australian homeowner.  

Heat pumps can be retrofitted, so they can be suitable for use in older homes. As for the ground loops, you can have them installed underground. They are ideal even when you are in a residential neighborhood.