What Chemical Products are Essential to Maintaining Sydney Pools and Spas?

The water you have in your sydney pools and spas or any other pool for that matter is delicate. There is no way we can enjoy the water in a pool if it has an unpleasant smell or is murky in appearance. Balance is paramount to achieving perfect pool harmony here. 

You can’t have your pool water too soft, but you can’t have it too hard either. So, it has to be just right! The ideal pH level for water in pool equipment is between 7.4 and 7.6. This is mildly above neutral on the pH scale.

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There are three major aspects to maintaining this balance:

  • pH levels 
  • Alkalinity levels 
  • Calcium levels

Keeping the water in your pool equipment clean and clear all the time will always present us with a certain level of challenge that we need to surmount. This kind of difficulty becomes ever more palpable in the absence of the necessary chemicals to use. Therefore, it is important to always keep the essentials on hand. It is the only way you can keep up with routine maintenance as well as anticipated issues with the pool water. 

Chlorine Tablet Sanitizer

These chemical products for pool water are used to disinfect the water and keep it clean. The water’s chlorine or bromine level should remain constant, not change, at any given time. It should not have any peaks and valleys, plain and simple. 


They’re qualified as secondary sanitizers that come in the form of oxidizers. We recommend that you use and apply them to your pool water at least once every few weeks. Make a habit out of it to help in exterminating algae and bacteria in the water and keeping them at bay.

Chlorine and non-chlorine shocks are readily accessible in powder form; you just need to open up the sealed bag and pour it into your pool water. 

Water Balancers

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To make sure that your pool water remains in good balance, it’s important to test your pool water’s chlorine and pH levels. Do it several times a week and once you think you’ve finally got the hang of it, you may make the necessary adjustments. 

The total alkalinity of your pool water should be tested now and then, most especially if you have recurring issues with pH level lately. As for the cyanuric acid levels and calcium hardness, testing for them can be carried out at least once a month.

Specialty Chemicals

There are so many specialty chemicals currently offered in the pool water maintenance market that can be helpful and beneficial when unexpected problems occur or if you just want to see that your pool is looking its best, all the time.

What Chemicals You Should Always Have a Good Stock Of?

Any owner of average sydney pools and spas would want to keep the following pool water chemicals on hand just in case – when you’re using a salt chlorinator, you need these other pool water chemicals on occasion:

Chemical kits for swimming pools

  • Chlorine tablets
  • Pool pH Increaser/Decreaser
  • Other chemicals (calcium, alkalinity boosters, cyanuric acid, are all necessary for every pool equipment. 
  • pH Level Strips, also known as a test kit