What is the Reason Behind The Popularity of Australian Plunge Pools?

Australian plunge pools, the best way to describe them, compared to traditional swimming pool equipment, are quite small and shallow types of recreation pool spas. Hence, we are not going to say they are the most appropriate for competitive swimming. However, this type of recreational pool spa will do a great job if you just want to cool off, wade around, and lounge for a bit. Hence, the name. 

Even though this type of swimming pool is not intended for fitness swimming or aquatic fitness, it has been gaining momentum in the popularity race in recent years. 

One of the reasons why homemakers have their eyes gleaming on Australian plunge pools is because they are cheaper to have as opposed to traditional swimming pools.  

Aside from that, due to their size, their maintenance is easier and more convenient, requiring only a small amount of water when they’re needing to be replaced. This type of recreational pool is shallow, owing to its limited dimensions. Top Sydney pool and spa manufacturers, on the other hand, are taking steps to begin introducing deep-plunge variants to the market.

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If you are a keen observer of what is happening around you, particularly in the construction and building industry, new homes today are often constructed on properties that usually have a meager amount of space.  If you have such a kind of home, with a prohibitive amount of space, installing a plunge pool is a space-saving alternative to a traditional swimming pool.

A homeowner who has a discriminating taste will choose to upgrade the materials used in the construction of their plunge pool. Fanciful fountains and artificial waterfalls can be incorporated in designing an outdoor retreat space of this kind.  

Australian Plunge Pools and Their Therapeutic Benefits

Sometimes, plunge pools are placed alongside a fancy outdoor spa to integrate the health-promoting benefits of cold-plunge therapy.

The benefits of immersing one’s body in cold-water pools were popular practice even in ancient Chinese medicine which spanned for over a thousand years. And it is not solely the early Chinese who discovered the unknown secret benefits of soaking in cold-water pools; even the ancient Romans of long ago were into that practice as well. 

Modern-day swimmers and athletes are encouraged to chuck themselves into a pool of (nearly freezing) cold pool water, following a sauna bath or after an intense workout routine. It is believed to provide their bodies with the therapeutic benefits they need. Doing so will help in alleviating their muscle pain, they will complain less about inflamed muscles, and they will appreciate an accelerated recovery period.  

Highly Affordable Ongoing Costs

Compared to conventional swimming pools, a plunge pool requires a fraction of the water used in traditional swimming pools, regardless of their size or shape.  This translates into significant savings on your utility expenses, notably for water usage. So, this type of recreational pool makes it possible for you to save a substantial amount of money on many fronts. 

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Moreover, plunge pools also necessitate the use of fewer cleaning agents, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear pool water every time. The operating costs of filters, pumps, and heaters are also significantly cheaper if you compare it to how it would be done with standard swimming pools. 

Lower, More Economical Installation Fees 

When it comes to the cost of constructing a regular swimming pool, most people prefer a plunge pool, especially if they are cash-strapped or have limited funds to use for such a kind of project. This is owing to the fact that the amount of space you can have it on is less, translating to a smaller area that needs digging.

Finally, the plunge pool construction project requires only a handful of supplies. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about buying tons of tiles just to embellish the recreational pool you have, or to put an accent on the area. Because these recreational pools are generally smaller than traditional swimming pools,  a perimeter fence or decking is almost always not necessary. 

What Chemical Products are Essential to Maintaining Sydney Pools and Spas?

The water you have in your sydney pools and spas or any other pool for that matter is delicate. There is no way we can enjoy the water in a pool if it has an unpleasant smell or is murky in appearance. Balance is paramount to achieving perfect pool harmony here. 

You can’t have your pool water too soft, but you can’t have it too hard either. So, it has to be just right! The ideal pH level for water in pool equipment is between 7.4 and 7.6. This is mildly above neutral on the pH scale.

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There are three major aspects to maintaining this balance:

  • pH levels 
  • Alkalinity levels 
  • Calcium levels

Keeping the water in your pool equipment clean and clear all the time will always present us with a certain level of challenge that we need to surmount. This kind of difficulty becomes ever more palpable in the absence of the necessary chemicals to use. Therefore, it is important to always keep the essentials on hand. It is the only way you can keep up with routine maintenance as well as anticipated issues with the pool water. 

Chlorine Tablet Sanitizer

These chemical products for pool water are used to disinfect the water and keep it clean. The water’s chlorine or bromine level should remain constant, not change, at any given time. It should not have any peaks and valleys, plain and simple. 


They’re qualified as secondary sanitizers that come in the form of oxidizers. We recommend that you use and apply them to your pool water at least once every few weeks. Make a habit out of it to help in exterminating algae and bacteria in the water and keeping them at bay.

Chlorine and non-chlorine shocks are readily accessible in powder form; you just need to open up the sealed bag and pour it into your pool water. 

Water Balancers

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To make sure that your pool water remains in good balance, it’s important to test your pool water’s chlorine and pH levels. Do it several times a week and once you think you’ve finally got the hang of it, you may make the necessary adjustments. 

The total alkalinity of your pool water should be tested now and then, most especially if you have recurring issues with pH level lately. As for the cyanuric acid levels and calcium hardness, testing for them can be carried out at least once a month.

Specialty Chemicals

There are so many specialty chemicals currently offered in the pool water maintenance market that can be helpful and beneficial when unexpected problems occur or if you just want to see that your pool is looking its best, all the time.

What Chemicals You Should Always Have a Good Stock Of?

Any owner of average sydney pools and spas would want to keep the following pool water chemicals on hand just in case – when you’re using a salt chlorinator, you need these other pool water chemicals on occasion:

Chemical kits for swimming pools

  • Chlorine tablets
  • Pool pH Increaser/Decreaser
  • Other chemicals (calcium, alkalinity boosters, cyanuric acid, are all necessary for every pool equipment. 
  • pH Level Strips, also known as a test kit

Australian Spa Parts: Importance of pH Level to Maintain Pool Equipment

If you will try to read some materials that talk about proper maintenance of pool equipment with Australian spa parts, you’d realize that one of their usual highlights is for us to keep an eye on the pool water chemistry, particularly watch out for the rise or fall of the pH level. 

The pool water pH is an integral element of the water chemistry that can’t be left out. Otherwise, it runs the risk of posing harm to pool users, such as eye redness or irritation. 

What is pH?

The pH is just an abbreviation. It stands for “power of hydrogen” and it is also considered a crucial element in pool water treatment. The purpose of pH is to measure out the scale of acidity to the alkalinity of water, from 0 to 14 range. 

If a substance is not acidic or alkaline, then they usually have a pH reading of 7, which is the median point of the pH range. They are often referred to as neutral solutions. If you measure out the pH level of alkalis, they usually have a pH reading that is greater than 7. As for the acid types, their pH level is always below 7.  

For pool equipment installations, the recommended range is 7.2 – 7.6. The underlying reason why it is of paramount importance to keep the pH level along those lines is to keep the chlorine’s disinfection property up and high to remain efficient. A high pH level will cause its efficiency, and coagulants, to significantly fall off. 

However, letting the pH levels drop or be at the lower range, runs the risk of having the pool water equipment become too corrosive. 

It is sad to see that many pool plant operators don’t fully understand how the pH level can have a significant impact on the disinfection process. This explains the reason why they take it for granted and thus would deliberately brush off taking corrections about it.

Consequently, what they will have in the end is low-quality pool equipment water. And without them noticing this, it also renders them spend so much more on chlorine than necessary.  

How Chlorine Impacts Your Pool Water? 

If chlorine is added to your pool equipment water, it will react by producing the following two substances: 

  1. Hypochlorite ion 
  2. Hypochlorous acid 

Hypochlorous acid is the key disinfectant of chlorine. It is 100x more intensive when placed alongside the hypochlorite ion, which is what we need to have more of.  

The higher the pH reading you have for your pool water, the higher amounts of hypochlorite it has. But the lower the pH reading you have, the more hypochlorous acid there is.  

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At 7.5 pH level, count that the water in your pool equipment will have around 45% of its chlorine as hypochlorous acid. This means to say that if you have a free chlorine reading of 1.0 mg/l after, the active disinfectant would be 0.45 mg/l only 

If you will let the pH level reach 8.0, this would render 25% of the chlorine as hypochlorous acid. And if you have again a test reading at 1.0 mg/l, the active disinfectant amount will be 0.25 mg/l only. This is not adequate for disinfection, not too potent because it is way too low.  

This one’s very important to keep in mind. Free chlorine reading with DPD1 tablet test covers also the hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid. The one setback from which is that they don’t give you an idea with regards to the proportion for each.

Hence, it is crucial for pool plant operators with Australian spa parts to see the reason how and why pH levels have such a huge impact on the process of disinfection. 

Since both sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite usually come with an extremely high pH scale, the pool water pH has no other direction to go but up the moment that they are dosed into the pool equipment. 

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Swim Spa for Sale Versus Traditional Swimming Pool

If you came across in your neighborhood a swim spa for sale, would you consider buying it or you would rather install a traditional swimming pool instead? Without batting an eyelash, do you know exactly what is the difference between these two?

Knowing what they are, their features and purposes will help you make an informed decision. As opposed to making just a wild guess about them, you are bound for some big disappointments, in the end, knowing that you failed to choose the right option for your needs.

Tradition has it that the practical use of swimming pools is to alleviate the sweltering heat of the warm, sunny weather. Besides, they are also used to contain cold water. In the case of swim spas for sale, you can use them in either hot or cold.

The good thing about it is that you are not stuck with either of the two options. The reason for which is that you have the liberty to change the temperature of the water. You can choose to have your water in cold or hot on a whim.

Also, the tendency of conventional swimming pools is that they come in traditional, uniform shapes. Therefore, they are not best suited for lounging, relaxing, or just sitting in. On the other hand,  swim spas are specifically designed to seat multiple people at once. You and a couple of your friends or household members can sit in the lap of luxury. A good number of these outdoor water features are also big enough to accommodate actual swimming routines.

Traditional swimming pools may hold and contain more water than outdoor swim spas. However, this should not be seen as its advantage at any point, most especially when you are in difficult or trying economic times.

One of the most obvious and distinct differences between a swim spa for sale and a traditional swimming pool is that these outdoor water entertainment features are completely portable. However, swimming pools are not. They are fixed, stationary, and that is sad.

A kiddie swimming pool may offer a good amount of portability, but most of them are enormous that works to their disadvantage because you won’t be able to relocate or move them. Trying so or making an attempt to move or relocate them would likely put it at risk of getting damaged.

This manager of a spa shop near me told me once that these stunning outdoor water entertainment features should be seen as a form of investment. It is because you can take them with you should the need for you to move to another location or place of residence arises. They are portable enough, allowing you to transport them with you with great ease and convenience.

The Most Important Factor: Price

If you are fending for yourself or you just know the value of your hard-earned money, it is but natural that you want to spend it on something valuable. Something that you know will be worth and will give you value for a long time.

Provided that this outdoor water feature is well maintained and taken care of, an outdoor swim spa for sale will surely bring your household many years of fun, relaxing moments together. Aside from which, you can have your swim spa as your inner sanctum. It offers you fitness opportunities, too, which can be taken advantage of by both young and senior members of your family. 

Seasoned owners of swim spas would make a comparative analysis of the costs of building, owning and maintaining a traditional pool. They would be happy to realize that the costs of maintaining and running a swim spa are much cheaper than they had earlier anticipated. 

The secret here lies in the cap. Swim spas for sale usually come with custom-fitted covers and are designed not just to trap in heat during the coldest, winter weather. Their fitted, automatic covers significantly help in keeping debris, foliage, and other foreign matters from. Hence, lessening the need for the use of chemical-based cleaning agents and cleaning supplies.

Over time, the running cost for maintaining your personal swim spa is lesser than that of running a traditional swimming pool. One reason for this is the fact that swim spas hold lesser amounts of water.

The Bottom Line 
It is pretty obvious to see that Australian swim spas for sale are primarily crafted for the user’s utmost fun, comfort, luxury, and fitness. Did you know that the vast majority of star athletes are taking advantage of swim spas so much so they can keep and maintain the physical prowess they have? It is about time that you do the same for yourself. As for their tag price, swim spas cost lesser compared to that of a traditional swimming pool. Besides, they are pretty easy to install, too.