How Jamboard Interactive Learning is Redefining 21st Century Education

Online Class

To help students thrive in this modern world, technology-enabled tools such as the Jamboard Interactive Learning are not only redefining education but also transforming the way students and teachers interact with each other. 

Today, learning is not only confined within the four corners of the classroom. With the help of various interactive tools like the Jamboard app, long-distance learning has never been this engaging and fun. 

Here are some of the ways how students and teachers all around the globe are benefiting from this innovative tool:

Jamboard for Classroom and Online Classes

First, Jamboard works as a digital whiteboard replacing the traditional whiteboard used during physical classes. With its 55 inches, 4K Ultra High-Definition display, this tool provides a mind-blowing interactive display bringing life to every image, illustration, and video about the subject matter.

Jamboard is one of the best hardware investments in any educational institution to encourage students to participate and find their voice inside the classroom more conveniently.  The giant digital whiteboard has a full HD webcam, 16 simultaneous touchpoints, a shape and handwriting recognition tool, and an optional rolling stand for easy maneuvering between classrooms. 

When it comes to online classes, jamboard is also available as a digital app. Students can access the app with their phones, tablets, and other devices.

With the distance learning setup becoming more popular and widely used in various learning institutions, this digital tool provides a better platform for engaging interactive learning between students and teachers.

Encourages Learning in a Safe Space

Finding their voice and being heard in the classroom can be challenging for some students. Encouragement from teachers sometimes is not enough. But with the help of the jamboard app, students can actively participate, ask questions, and comment on the lessons through their devices without physically going to the board. 

Through this kind of digital learning, students can finally find their voice and be themselves in a safe environment. 

Jamboard Interactive Learning Empowers Teachers 

In this modern world full of distractions, getting students’ attention inside a classroom or during online classes can be very challenging for teachers. Thus, teachers must find ways to make them more engaging and creative. 

With the tool’s interactive learning features, teachers can create highly engaging content and fun activities that are impossible with the traditional teaching method.

Before and during classes, teachers can incorporate illustrations or videos to make their lessons more stimulating and creative. 

Lesson plans and other files can also be uploaded and accessed on google drive for later use.

Without a doubt, advancements in technology have brought about many positive impacts in 21st-century education particularly with interactive and distance learning. 

Lastly, the benefits and advantages of this tool take interactive learning to a whole new level.