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The Benefits and Risks of Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric band surgery is one of the advancements in science that help address weight-related problems of people. There results were positive, and patients have seen a decrease in their weight. Also, it comes with other benefits, which is the reason why so many people prefer this procedure than others.

Gastric Band Surgery Benefits

This is a surgical option intended for weight loss as it targets to lessen the weight of patients. Here are some other benefits that one will get with this procedure.


This is one of the best benefits of gastric band surgery. With this, one can have the gastric band removed from the body if ever the person does not want it anymore. This is something that other procedures do not possess.

Supplemental Nutrients

With this surgery, there is no need for any supplemental nutrient after the procedure has been done. It is still possible for the patient to maintain a balanced nutrition by consuming quality foods even in small amounts.

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Not Very Risky

In most cases, people are very concerned about surgical risks. But with this surgery, this is something that people should be worried about. This is because the stomach is only banded to lessen its size and could be removed anytime.

Weight Loss

In a span of two years after the surgery has been performed. The patient can lose about 50%-60% of weight in which the majority happens in the first year after the procedure.

Improved Health

Since it is an answer to weight loss, it could help manage weight, as well as health-related risks resulting from obesity is being minimized.

Positive Outlook

Maybe the most significant benefit of the surgery, aside from weight loss is the enhancement of self-worth and self-esteem.

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Faster Recovery

Unlike with other types of surgeries, this one facilitates faster recovery. This is because the patient only needs to stay in the hospital overnight and could go home after, given that no complications occurred.

Risks of the Surgery

Just like with many other things, this surgery may also come with some drawbacks that should be taken into consideration.


Since the surgery involves incision and could disrupt the normal body functions, there are chances for infection. This is among the most common risks of this procedure, especially if improper post-operative care is performed.


Internal bleeding is another known risk that may happen as a result of the surgery. This could be due to procedure not performed properly or because of an incision that was not sutured properly.


As this is a laparoscopic surgery, anesthesia is being administered so that the patient would not feel any pain. With this, allergic reactions to anesthesia could be fatal to the patient as it could cause constriction of the airways, leading to breathing difficulty.

Leakage of Tubing

Although this risk is not very likely to happen, there is a possibility of breakage in tubing because of leakage.

Acid Reflux

Among the risks of this surgery is the leaking of the stomach contents to the esophagus as it can cause painful heartburn.Just like with any other types of surgery, this too comes with some risks. But when compared to other surgeries, the risks are minimal, and it offers more benefits that other procedures. For anyone who wants to undergo his surgery, it is important to consult a doctor first to see if this is really the right choice. Click here to see the other types of weight loss procedures.